About Us



French Pulse provides an extensive collection of clothes that has been designing, distributing and exporting specifically for canine enthusiasts. Each quote or picture tells a story, that resonates with the brand and dog lovers. It speaks to the indescribable connection between ‘man and his best friend’ and how this bond can brighten anyone’s day and can bring and has brought people through many struggles and even depression. Plus, our shirts are great conversation starters!

The company was founded by Mila whom from an early age, has always had a passion for dogs. She wanted to share her fondness for dogs by creating s brand that used funny and relatable quotes on display for everyone to see.  The company’s motto, "We don’t just sell clothes... We sell a lifestyle!", not only encapsulate the beliefs of the company but aspires to showcase, this belief depicted in each t-Shirt that is designed.  Wear you love on your tee for man’s best friends with French Pulse.