“If not for my vet bill, I would drive a Ferrari” 

The thought had occurred to me on more than one occasion, that if not for my vet bill, I would drive a Ferrari. I know comparing the cost to maintain a golden retriever to owning a Ferrari isn’t logical. But each time I take her to the vet, it definitely feels that way. 

Just taking her for a checkup can cost me up to $100 just to see the Vet and let’s not talk about the waiting time. Honestly, I know there are more economical ways to take care of Bella. But she deserves the best.  

Every time Bella licks my palm or even my toes while I’m asleep, the way she lights up when I open the door when I get home. The way she runs at the park and the fact that she is nice to strangers especially women that want to pet her fur. 

Honestly there is no greater feeling, the love I have for her it’s almost indescribable. 

And as I brushed her fur away from her face, I thought to myself, no Ferrari would or could take her place.