"A dog’s personality refle"cts the personality of its owner. My dog is a doughnut."

The perception that the personality of a dog, reflects the that of its owner is a fact. And this can be proven as my dog, Rex, as he is clearly a doughnut and apparent so am I. At first when my dog was referred to as a doughnut, by no other than my mother, I took offense. I try to tell her that me and Rex and completely different, but she insists that we are one in the same.  

He refuses to obey any commands and no matter how much I try train him, he gives me this look of resentment that my mother says is the same look I use to give to her when she gave me instructions. He walks around like he owns the place, which sometimes I think he does. Chewing up my favorite loafers and shedding all over my clothes, bed and furniture  

Regardless of the fact that Rex may not even seem to like me, I know he loves me just as much as much as I love him.  

So now I say with conviction that my dog is a doughnut, but so am I.