Dogs have always been called a man’s best friend… cherished… loved by everyone. These fur babies are always present to bring joy: when you most need emotional support and comfort, all those sad, lonely nights you cannot sleep, and stressful days - all those moments in life when everything just seems to be a burden too heavy to carry. A simple interaction with a dog can lift any weary spirit right away and make everything a lot better.
Remember the first time you saw your dog. Was it in a shelter? In a pet shop? Is your dog a gift from a loved one? Reminisce that moment you first laid your eyes on that small fluffer, and you knew right there and then, “this dog is the one for me.” The twinkling eyes, a wet nose, perked ears ready to listen, that pink tongue and that tail happily wagging. I remember mine. The first bark, the first little howl your puppy made. As the days blur together, I also continued to make memories: teaching my dog some tricks, the trips to the vet, walking around the neighborhood, and playing under the sun. Everyone can surely relate.
The dog that has made the biggest impact on my life has always been the French bulldogs. These Frenchies are the miniature of bulldogs except the erect and large ears that are the trademark feature of this breed. A large and square head, short nose, and heavy wrinkles make this dog breed easy to spot. It also has a muscular and compact body beneath the brilliant coat it has. Being a small dog (at the shoulder: 11 to 12 inches tall), they do not require much outdoor exercise. They also do not bark much, making it the ideal pet to have if you live in the busy metropolis. Despite being a dog breed of few words, they make excellent watchdogs because of their alertness. French bulldogs can live from 11 to 14 years, making it one of the best companion dogs to have.
My dogs inspire me. This is how the logo for the was created and came into fruition - a lifeline connected to the French bulldog’s iconic face shape, bat ears, and a heart for a nose. My clothing line is built for fur parents like me, whose life is filled with love not only for French bulldogs but for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Whatever breed your fur baby is, we can all agree that our dog holds a large portion of our hearts and brings immense joy and warmth to our homes.
As for the lifeline- our dogs can be the ones we depend on. Studies show that our dogs know when we are sad – thus, they provide a means of escape from the negative emotions we face every day by responding in their unique ways. A few minutes of cuddling our dogs can change how we feel in an instant. The lifeline also depicts the connection we have with our dog.
It just shows how our heart beats for them- our heartbeat and lifelines intertwined with each other since day one until fur-ever.