“You’re paying for my drink; I spent all my money on my Frenchie...” 

Being an avid Frenchie dog lover, you don’t really get to go out as much as you would like. Sure, you visit the park and you take long walks, just to ensure he gets his exercise, the vet to ensure that his health is check and you cater to his every whim just to keep him happy. But outside of that I rarely go out and party with friends or even go out on date. The last date I was on, I told the guy that he's paying for my drinks, because I spend all my money on my Frenchie. He almost drenched me with his drink, the way he was laughing.  
I had even given up the idea of meeting someone who loves their Frenchie as much as I do and one day on our many adventures at the park, I met Michael and it was like it was fated that we met that day, he mistook my Frenchie for his. The resemblance between his Frenchie, Lola and my Frenchie Bella was uncanny. It’s like they were related, they had the same sheen in the coat and the most mesmerizing blue eyes. 
Now when I look back, I am happy I spent all my money on Frenchie, because of Bella I met Michael and my life is as it should be.